Measurement, Control & Protection for 

Electro-Processes and High Power Conversion

The “current efficiency” of the Aluminum smelting process ( how much current it takes to convert alumina to aluminum ) is the key cost element of production.

Improving process efficiency, increasing process current, upgrading of power conversion equipment and industry consolidations make accurate measurements crucial for maintaining competitiveness.

DynAmp focuses on two key parts of this process :

  • conversion of electrical power to be useable in the process, and
  • delivery and consumption of power in the process.

  • Process Applications
    With process efficiencies now exceeding 94% of the theoretical limit, tenths of percent significant impact on competitiveness. With individual pot-lines energy costs from $11m to over $75m at current levels approaching 600kA, even small measurement errors can hide large losses.

    High accuracy measurement of voltage and current is needed to…

  • Provide current data to pot control systems for optimum control performance
  • Detect unexpected changes in process efficiency
  • Accurately evaluate impact of intended / trial process changes
  • Objectively compare multiple process lines and smelters
  • Improve visibility of process energy utilization and costs

    Links to suitable DynAmp products
    LKCOfor high accuracy total process current measurement utilizing fiber optic sensing technology
    LKPfor high accuracy total process current measurement

    to improve performance of existing systems
    Power Conversion Applications
    Aluminum processes require the highest stability and reliability from power conversion equipment. Current instability leads to numerous process efficiency problems which increase costs.
    Reliability of power is paramount. Short term disruptions increase costs by running the pot-line at less than optimum capacity. Long-term disruptions can be catastrophic requiring an entire pot-line to be rebuilt.
    Finally, catastrophic power conversion equipment failures are extremely hazardous and endanger both staff and facility.

    Highly dependable and responsive measurement systems are needed to

  • Provide current data to rectifier control systems for optimum performance and stability
  • Provide overall multi-rectifier balance indication for efficiency
  • Provide a backup ‘totalized’ current measurement signal for total mainline current
  • Sense power conversion equipment failure modes quickly to protect process, equipment and personnel.
  • Analyze rectifier condition to determine internal balance for capacity analysis and maintenance actions

    Links to suitable DynAmp products
    LKATfor rectifier output measurement, control and balance with over/reverse current protection
    LKPfor high accuracy rectifier output measurement, control and balance
    BCMRto protect rectifiers from over/reverse current events
    BRPbasic reverse current protection for rectifiers
    RCEMfor internal rectifier analysis and condition monitoring
    Clamp-Onfor portable measurement of bus bar currents

    to improve performance of existing systems

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