Measurement, Control & Protection for 

Electro-Processes and High Power Conversion

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LKCO High Current Measurement System based on Fiber Optic Sensing Technology

LKCO is built on a foundation of patented measurement techniques, 60 years of measurement expertise, over 8 years of development and highly proven, military grade optical sub-systems.

  • Patented, "complete system" closed-loop compensation controls the entire optical fiber circuit, opto-electronics and measurement outputs to ensure accuracy and stability over the long term.

  • 0.1% accuracy of reading to over 600kA

  • Measurement is immune to external magnetic fields and magnetic materials

  • Superior installation flexibility

  • Industry standard current output signals for plug and play replacement of a wide variety of existing systems.

  • Advanced Accuracy Diagnostics (A2D) monitors both fiber optics and opto-electronics for measurement confidence.

  • How LKCO achieves truly stable high accuracy measurement :

    Two light waveforms in phase with each other,
    but polarized in opposite directions,
    enter the measurement section of the fiber optics
    surrounding the bus bar.

    Due to the Faraday effect,
    the magnetic field of the bus current
    shifts the phase of the two waveforms,
    but in opposite directions.

    Interfering factors such as vibration
    also cause phase shifts in the waveforms,
    but in the same direction. The relative phase
    shift between the two waveforms is uneffected.
    Accuracy is maintained.

    Patented closed-loop full compensation
    This accurately nulls the phase between the waveforms.
    DynAmp's closed-loop approach encompasses not only the opto-electronics, but the complete fiber 'circuit' and output signals as well. This unique approach automatically compensates for long term gain, sensitivity and repeatability variation.
    Accuracy is assured over the long term.

    Advantages of measuring with LKCO optical technology
    • Patented "complete system" closed-loop compensation automatically compensates for any long-term shifts in fiber optics, electro-optics and output signal electronics. In effect, by closing the loop on all parts of the system, accuracy is 'locked'.
    • Immune to stray magnetic effects. Can be installed practically anywhere. Does not require bus analysis to determine exact mounting position
    • Measurement performance exceeds industry standard LKP systems
    • Excellent dynamic range with true bi-directional capabilities
    • Modular and lightweight measuring head for superior installation ease and flexibility
    • Industry standard output signals allow 'plug-and-play' installation
    • Wide environmental capabilities with patented temperature compensation.
    • Completely protected from over-current events
    • Advanced Accuracy Diagnostics provides user with specific system performance monitoring which can also be accessed by DynAmp for remote assistance with appropriate internet connection.

    Like all DynAmp
    LKCO is backed
    by our high level
    of global support
    and responsiveness.

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