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Continuously monitor cells for safety and condition trending.

VDAS allows users to monitor the health of bipolar membrane process cells by measurement, acquisition, and display of voltages and currents critical to proper operation. The system monitors cell voltages, current signals, and symmetry within each electrolyser. In addition to local processing and control, all data is communicated to a remote computer workstation.

DynAmp was instrumental in pioneering the concept of anode monitoring in the 1970s with our CPMS cell parameter monitoring systems for mercury cells. Several of these systems are still in use today. Given this history in the electro-chemical industry, the VDAS system is simply the next logical step recognizing the need for a cost effective solution for voltage monitoring in membrane cells. Unlike other systems built from ‘adapted’ architecture, the VDAS is based on an application specific DynAmp designed platform utilizing industry standard architecture. This ensures fast, reliable data acquisition and rapid repair in the unlikely event of a problem. It also facilitates a building block approach to system expansion as needs and budgets allow.

Since safety is always a primary concern in electrochemical facilities the VDAS provides isolation between inputs and input to output. All enclosures are made of fiberglass and designed to provide years of service in the harsh environment of a chlorine facility.

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